remanium® star MD I milling blank, without border, Thickness 8 mm


1 piece

CE 0483 0483 
Proven high-tech CoCr bonding alloy for CAD/CAM milling systems. Powder metallurgical manufacture with extremely homogeneous structure.
  • proven remanium® star composition
  • certified and time-tested base material for all applications in crown and bridge work
  • hot isostatically compressed, 100 % free of porosity and contraction cavities
  • fine-grained microstructure of the milling discs
  • homogeneous structure of the material facilitates uniform, easy machinability on the respective milling machine
  • maximum strength Type 5, DIN EN ISO 22674
  • ideal for ceramic veneering using the conventional CTE range
  • excellent laser weldability
  • Special sizes for remanium® star MD I:
    Special sizes with a thickness of up to 25 mm and a minimum purchase quantity of 50 blanks are available on request. Please note the extended delivery time: 8–10 weeks.

    remanium® star is also processed as SLM powder for the laser-melting technique by leading suppliers. Information is available on request!

Other elements < 1%: N, Fe, Nb, Mn

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